Saturday, September 19, 2020

Closure of the Lime Green Army (2013-2020)

 After 7 years, the Lime Green Army of Club Penguin is finally coming to an end. When I created LGA at 9 years old, I did not expect it to last this long. I especially didn't think that we would return after Disney closed the original Club Penguin. We had a great run, and these past 2 years especially were very memorable. Despite the haters, we managed to be one of the top ten armies in the community consistently. This was recognized when we received CPAH's biggest rise award for the summer of 2020.




In the end, we accomplished what we set out to achieve this generation. Dino originally asked my permission for an LGA revival with the hope to have a better ending than the previous one. I would say that this was the case, as nobody forced us to close our doors- We just had many of us move on from Club Penguin. A lime green spring & summer that no one will forget, LGA will live on in everyone's memories.

Rest in Peace, Lime Green Army.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

[EU] Duck Recruiting on CPR

 Greetings, Limes!

Today we logged onto Blizzard, CPR for our Recruiting Event! Using our colorful duck costumes, we managed to attract quite some people to swim with us. However, despite our best efforts and due to CPR's army-based censorship we couldn't actually recruit new people. Thanks for attending and remember to wear your floaties!

MAX: 25+

Monday, September 7, 2020

[EU] Sled Race Tournament and LGA Summer Awards Results

Greetings, LGA!

Today, we logged onto our newly partnered CPWorld to have our Sled Race Tournament. After 3 rounds of intense sled racing, the winner of the tourney was Greeny, congrats to him! Thanks to everyone who logged on and attended our event!

After the event, it was time for the Lime Green Hollywood Summer Awards ceremony! The results can be seen below! Thanks to everyone for voting and congratulations to those who won!
The winners' trophies can be seen HERE!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

[EU] Practice Battle with CG

Greetings, Limes!

Today we logged onto Alaska, CPArmies to have September's first practice battle against the Crimson Guardians. Due to the September Drop, we and our opponents showed up in smaller sizes. But still, we managed to put up a great fight. Thanks to everyone who attended and GG to the Crimson Guardians!

MAX: 6

Monday, August 31, 2020

Lime Green Hollywood: 2020 Summer Awards

Greetings, Limes!

We're in the dog days of summer now, and what better way to celebrate the Summer of the Lime than our very own awards?  The Lime Green Council presents to you, Lime Green Hollywood!


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

[EU] Lime Duck Recruiting

 We logged on for a recruiting event in which we used the green duck. Although we didn't gain many recruits; We made our presence known on CPR today, even being mentioned on their official discord! This isn't the last you'll see of the Limeys😉

MAX: 18