Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Summer Circuit #4 / Defense of Snow Shoe

Our first battle of the day was against the Wild Ninjas, as part of the tournament. They held their own very well, but at the end, it was decided that we won this battle. Although we were happy about this, we still had to worry about the next battle which took place one hour later, against the Elite Guardians, who tried taking the server Snow Shoe. This battle had many players and both sides did so well that the results took a bit longer to come back, but unfortunately, the EGCP was declared the victor. Nonetheless, these two battles were very exciting and we still have 2 more defenses from EGCP later this week. Thank you to everyone who came to these events.

Battle vs Wild Ninjas:
Max 17

Battle vs Elite Guardians
Max 26

Long Live The Green

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