Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Summer Circuit #6 versus Wild Ninjas

Today we particpated in the Summer Circuit in our final battle before the semi-final showdowns. We faced the Wild Ninjas - who had been ranked just below us on the tournament's tables - on the server Mammoth in the Club Penguin Armies CPPS.

MAX: 13

Our battle was hard and well-fought on both sides, displaying numerous well-performed tactics from both armies. Our morale was high leading to a very impressive battle.

The battle ended and Lime Green Army were declared the victors! It was a very close battle, with both armies at a tie on each room - bar the very first one, which secured our win.

Our thanks go out to the Wild Ninja's for a great battle, and a huge congratulations to all members who participated! We now move onto the semi-finals of the Summer Circuit, in hopes of securing victory for the Lime Green Army!

Long Live the Green!

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