Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Passing of the Storm

Greetings, LGA!

The war with Shock Troops is one that LGA will not forget as both sides fought with great effort. The story of this war is an interesting one. War began when Cena, leader of ST, scheduled an invasion on us setting out the terms of war. He declared no allies and no server transfers during war. Minutes later, we counter-declared war on them with the same terms plus another one of not having allies log onto alternate accounts to help ST. You will see why that's important later. 

(The first  scheduled invasion of the war on November 2, 2019)

ST maxed sizes bigger than ours during peak US hours, giving ST the advantage and winning almost every US battle with the exception of a few. Three US battles were not ST victories though, 2 being ties and 1 being an LGA victory due to it being declared an invalid invasion by Tymatt, battle judge at the time. That battle was an LGA victory because an RFCP troop helped ST and Cena didn't tell him to log off or leave the battle, violating one of the terms of war. 

The war started to play out in ST's favor, with them winning almost every battle. We knew we had to do something about that so we started thinking about their weak-spot, their AUSIA/EU divisions. Once we started invading at AUSIA/EU times, we started winning more battles. We had the upper-hand beating them with two out of the three divisions. 

(AUSIA Invasion of Matterhorn, November 6, 2019)

These invasions came with a lot of negative feedback from ST and those on ST's side of the war. People were calling them unfair and that there should be a rule on such invasion times. No rules were made to combat AUSIA/EU timed invasions though, because quite frankly we have people that live in the actual countries those times are assigned for. Shocking! ST started to not show up to these battles and declared the war an ST victory. This was clearly not the case as we kept invading their servers. 

(EU Invasion of White House, November 11, 2019)

The war ended on November 13 when LGA successfully invaded Matterhorn once again, and the leaders of both armies came to an agreement on a ceasefire. 

(The leaders agreeing to the ceasefire)

The war ST and RFCP had was short-lived because ST merged into them three days after it started. 

(Leader of RFCP announcing to his army that ST is merging into them)

The final standings of the war with ST are 13-2-11 (LGA-Draw-ST). LGA officially declares the result of this war an LGA victory. All of the leaders and those in high-command positions thank everyone who came to these battles and helped us win this war. We could not have done it without every single one of you!

To everyone who doubted us:


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