Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Lime Green Summer [SUMMER 2020]

In June 2019, we saw the beginning of LGA's rise. A generation that would last for the majority of 2019; We faced many hardships, and had a lot of ups and downs. Although we shutdown for a couple months, April 2020 marked our return. We held a community event which would lead to us returning entirely, managing to reach 18 at this event.

From here we had a pretty active month of April, but towards the end would start to witness a decline in attendance and overall activeness within the army. It wouldn't be long until we saw the departure of former leader Dino, who retired while joining another army for an owner rank (second in command). This resulted in the return of many iconic leaders from LGA's previous generation. Recently, we've founded the Lime Green Council which will oversee the training of our LITs. Though we faced a purge of inactivity for most of the month of June, this will not stop our plans for this summer.

We've got events coming, it'll just take some preparation in the form of recruiting to get us ready for an active summer. LGA will comeback. Green will prevail.


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