Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Furthered Proof of Limephobia: What Lime-Deniers Don't Want YOU to See


Do you know someone that is Limephobic?  Someone that says they appreciate limes but don't demonstrate said appreciation?  After today's Beach Brawl battle, it became apparent that the community is riddled with Limephobia. Well then the LGA leadership is here to introduce to you: the Limephobia Scale!

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The battle with the Army of the Orient Seas was great fun.  It was a good learning experience for our growing army, and motivated us to teach our troops the proper skills needed to become a contender in future tournaments.  However, that does not mean we will let someone take advantage of us.  Throughout the battle, many troops wondered where the AOS troops came from.  While the LGA leaders understand that all top tier armies are recruiting constantly, causing sizes to fluctuate, it was a dramatic change for AOS.  LGA leader Greeny recorded the entire battle, and went to the AOS server to see the difference in Discord size vs Club Penguin size.  Here is everyone online in the AOS discord during the battle.

Video proof of this claim:

Not counting people who are not supposed to help, because of the dual enlistment rules, this is just 19 penguins.  Let's say that there are 3 people marked offline, that makes it 22 troops.  Here's what it looks like online.

I count 26.  AOS posted their results with the size of 25.

Then comes a handful of people that are involved in other armies, yet, logged on for AOS.  Let's set the scene.

11:00 AM: 4 hours before AOS vs LGA, in the Tournament Hub server.


in the CPAH Server:



AustinFraud and JACOB S. (known LIMEPHOBE) in Tournament Hub:

In CPAH Server:


And now, the peculiar case of BILLYBOBJOE6.

Now you see him...

Now you don't...

LIMEPHOBIC?  You tell me.

LGA has given you the truth.  Do what you will.

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