Saturday, August 8, 2020

The Tragedy of Sodom and Gomorrah

 On the 7th of August, long time Lime Green Army brother allies, the Rebel Penguin Federation, severed ties with the Limes with a scathing post speaking ill of us.

Since the beginning of last week, LGA has been engaged in conversations with RPF.  Both armies could sense a silent turmoil between us, so the respective HCOMs decided to work it out.  On the 4th of August, myself and Crazzy had an open conversation that left LGA feeling good about our relationship with RPF.

The conversation ended around midnight on the 5th, with an amicable send off for both armies.  LGA did not help RFCP defend against RPF, and RPF said they had no plans to unally.

Obviously, there was a change of heart within the RPF HCOM regarding LGA.  In their post, "Lemons are better", RPF made various claims against LGA:

  1. "LGA’s leadership has made recent claims that RPF hasn’t helped them ever since Ultipenguinj retired from the Federation."
  2. Crazzy talked with DW leaders and discussed not invading LGA land. DW leadership made a group chat with an LGA leader to discuss a possible alliance, and assistance in invasions. DW cancelled their invasion against LGA, so in turn, nothing ended up happening. 
  3.  "LGA took actions that would directly benefit their ally RFCP ahead of RPF."

Reason One

In my talks with Crazzy, I told her that troop morale was particularly low with RPF.  I failed to say this clear enough.  Troop morale within LGA is low for RPF because they have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.  For all they know, it could have been that RPF had totally gone rogue.  I take full responsibility for this point coming across wrong.  HOWEVER, the fact that the post says "LGA's leadership" is just not factual.  LGA leaders have never insinuated that RPF is a bad ally.

Reason Two

I only joined LGA about 3 weeks ago, so I was not here for a good chunk of where the current dispute arises.  Despite this, I know that RPF was not the driving force in getting the Dark Warriors to back off of us from OUR knowledge.  If RPF pulled strings behind the scenes, we were not made aware of it.  We do know, though, that the Doritos were absolutely critical in helping us form a good relationship with DW.

Although Crazzy claims that she talked to DW directly, no pictures of such conversation were given to LGA or included in RPF's post.  All that LGA knows is that DCP was there for us.

Reason Three

The final accusation against LGA is that we directly interfered with the conflict between the Recon Federation and RPF by transferring RFCP a server.  It is true that LGA transferred a server to RFCP to prevent them from getting force treatied.  This is because we think, in it's current state, that force treaties is the dumbest rule in CPAH.  This was explained to Crazzy, who said she understands.

RFCP has yet to invade in the current conflict against RPF.  LGA had no plans to help RFCP.  If RPF wants to think that us preventing a stupid rule from breaking the integrity of armies is interference; that's their choice.

As I've stated many times, LGA respects RPF's decision to break our longstanding alliance.  However, I was personally misled to believe that our two armies had found solace in the arguing.  Having our internal affairs became a tabloid headline is less than ideal, and we expected more from allies we've had for almost half our lifetime.  Their post has forced our hand to keep this topic in the air while we correct the accusations against us.

To RPF, we thank you for your years of protection and companionship to our little army.  We hope our paths cross once again, but this move solidifies LGA's future.  The "who" is not in question when discussing our fate, only the "when".  We're in a world that doesn't want us anymore.

Up the Limes.


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