Having been apart of every official LGA generation to-date, Greeny started his journey in the Lime Green Army at their creation on April 5th, 2013. He was leading during both their runs in 2014 and brought LGA back during the summer of 2016 and once again during the summer of 2019.

Also known as Moonwalker, Fresh started his run in LGA during their first generation in 2013. Being one of the original members, Fresh would rejoin the LGA leadership during the summer of 2019.

Despite being creator of one of LGA's biggest rivals of 2013, DMT had multiple stints as leader in the early generations of LGA. He was leader various times through the years of 2013-14.

Along with Greeny, Sam21619 was one of the main leaders for the entirety of 2014. He was leader for both of LGA's stints that year and was very active during this time.

Though he would play a small part in LGA's previous generations, Memmaw wouldn't officially become LGA leader until their final generation under Disney's Club Penguin during the summer of 2016.

Joining in 2019, Snapple would be very active during LGA's CPPS generations. He would work his way up to leader, demonstrating mass amounts of dedication towards LGA.

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